Preserve, convert
and ride eco-friendly

We specialize in converting commercial, classic and heavy-duty thermal vehicles into electric vehicles using our cutting-edge retrofit technology.

Why Choose Ibermocion for your Electric Conversion?

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the integration of cutting-edge technologies. From smart battery management systems to high-efficiency electric motors, each component is carefully selected to ensure optimal performance.

Exemplary Personalization

Each conversion is custom designed to meet your specific needs. Benefit from personalized solutions that optimize the performance of your vehicle while respecting your individual preferences.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our highly qualified team, with many years of experience, guarantees quality electrical conversion that complies with current standards. Trust our technical expertise for a seamless transition to electric mobility.

Confidence Guarantee

Our commitment to quality is backed by strong warranties. Choose peace of mind by opting for our electrical conversion service, where reliability is our priority.

Expert in reconditioning used vehicle fleets

The professional and ecological solution for automobile preparation. An environmental approach promoting the circular economy.

We use cutting-edge equipment and have integrated an innovative approach through a process of continuous improvement.


The Advantages of Electrical Conversion

Reduction of emissions

Electric conversion eliminates greenhouse gas emissions, helping to fight climate change.

Electric vehicle operating costs are generally lower, thanks to lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance.

Electric vehicle operating costs are generally lower, thanks to lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance.

Improved performance:

Electric vehicles offer faster acceleration and more responsive driving thanks to their electric motor.

Improved reliability:

Electric motors have fewer moving parts, extending the life of the vehicle and reducing maintenance needs.

Qu'est-ce que le rétrofit ?

Le rétrofit consiste à transformer un véhicule à combustion interne classique en un véhicule électrique tout en préservant la structure d'origine du véhicule. Cette approche insuffle une nouvelle vie à votre voiture en lui fournissant une technologie de pointe, tout en conservant les mêmes garanties et fonctionnalités qu'un véhicule neuf.

Quels sont les avantages du rétrofit ?

  1. Augmentation de la polyvalence de votre voiture.
  2. Réduction de l'entretien nécessaire.
  3. Diminution du coût par kilomètre parcouru.
  4. Confort de conduite amélioré.
  5. Obtention du label ZÉRO.
  6. Accès à une mobilité durable à moindre coût.
  7. Accès illimité aux Zones à Faibles Émissions.
  8. Possibilité de stationnement gratuit en voirie.

Quelles sont les conditions pour effectuer un retrofit ?