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Used Vehicle Reconditioning

We are committed to providing complete aesthetic preparation of the vehicle and conducting a thorough inspection to ensure its safety, reliability, and to optimize its value for resale.

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m² of workshop

reconditioned vehicles since 2004

years of experience in the industry

Expert in reconditioning used vehicle fleets.

The professional and ecological solution for automobile preparation. An environmental approach promoting the circular economy.

We use cutting-edge equipment and have integrated an innovative approach through a process of continuous improvement.



We are experts in transforming combustion vehicles into electric or hybrid vehicles using our cutting-edge retrofit technology, while facilitating the development of the circular economy.



Our automobile appraisal service offers a professional and detailed assessment of the general condition of your vehicle.

Our qualified experts provide you with a comprehensive report to ensure the transparency and reliability of your vehicle purchase or sale.


We offer a superior quality automobile dent repair and painting service, carried out by highly qualified dent repairers, technicians and painters.

We restore the appearance of your vehicle by removing dents without damaging the paint and offering custom paint solutions to restore its original shine.


We take care of servicing the vehicle: oil change, replacing spark plugs, changing the belt, replacing the battery, tires, etc.

We guarantee the safety and reliability of the vehicle before resale.


We refurbish and upgrade plastic, fabric and leather interior parts of used vehicles, enhancing their appearance and market value.


We have a space of 800 m² equipped with specific lighting for high-end car cleaning: washing deck, complete cleaning, spraying of interiors, intensive cleaning of fabrics, Alcantara, and special treatment for leather elements.


Our facilities allow us to store more than 300 vehicles safely. We organize logistics through our network of specialized carriers locally and internationally.



With decades of experience in the automotive remarketing sector, our team offers you personalized and effective solutions to optimize the value of your used vehicles and facilitate your resale processes.


Take advantage of our operational efficiency thanks to our two tours of duty, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Our current capacity is 50 vehicles per week, expandable to 100 vehicles per week.

The maximum vehicle repair time without replacing parts is less than 48 hours


The quality of our repairs is recognized in the most demanding markets in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg), in accordance with the standards of these countries.

The use of top brand tools and products, combined with the high qualification of our staff, as well as their commitment to respecting indicators and internal controls, ensures us a high standard of quality.


Maximize profitability by efficiently valuing and selling used vehicles, reducing costs and increasing residual asset value. Generate higher profits while improving customer satisfaction.


Optimize your operational management with our monitoring tool, guaranteeing total visibility of processes in real time. Make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of your business.


We work on all automobile brands, whether popular or high-end.

Our renowned customers in the automotive sector include manufacturers, dealers, insurance companies, and rental companies. Thanks to our international presence, we adapt to the specific quality standards of each market by rigorously applying our own criteria of excellence.

Hundreds of them, for decades, have placed their trust in our expertise. Join us for an unparalleled automotive experience.